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The Moon Through the Signs and what it means to us!

June 10, 2013

Looking at the Moon and the transiting energy of the Moon can be fun. The Moon goes through each sign each month. So once a month the Moon gets to travel through all signs and all degrees. We are often affected by that transiting Moon several times a month. Each of us also has a Lunar Return each month. A time when the Moon is directly conjunct the Moon at the time of birth. Also happens once a month.

Lunar Returns actually present a way for us to peek at what is going on in our lives and how we are dealing with it. With a Lunar Return we can look at the month ahead!

The Moon also represents not only our security but also how we feel emotionally. Our individual sense of emotional security is determined by the Moon. We all have one and how secure we are is often depicted by how the Moon is aspected. It can also be strongly affected by the the transiting Moon. For example you have a Sun in Cancer, where the sign is said to be it’s strongest, but still once a month that Moon will also travel through the sign of Capricorn the opposing sign of Cancer as well as Aries and Libra, both Square that Cancer Moon. These energies can create difficulties for that Cancer Moon. In Capricorn it may be that the individual feels they are dealing with very distant and difficult issues or people. In the square of Libra or Aries, it might be that much is required of the Cancer Moon, making them feel torn or run ragged.

For each sign brings with it, it’s own energy and it’s own needs. So emotionally we are all going to be somewhat affected by that Moon. In Leo Moon the Moon falls in a place where people tend to be more socially active and interactive. Leo Moon can be so charming. But that Aquarian Moon individual might feel more comfortable hanging with the old familiar crowd. Typically the Aquarian Moon is not really happy in social situations they are unfamiliar with.

When there is a general understanding of both the Moons energy and then applying signs it is easy to see why some days we feel better then others. Some times what we have planned for a particular day is appropriate for the energy of the Moon. Example a family reunion with again that Moon in Leo. Even the Aquarian Moon who likes the familiar and the Cancer Moon who prefers a closer nit situation will all be satisfied and content. So just a basic understanding of astrology can help appease the situation. It is also important to realize we are all different and the moods will shift as the Moon only stays in a sign for approximately 2.5 days. So it is possible for any one to have a bad day or two, sometimes this is referred to as a “bad sign of the Moon.”

In the next series of articles I will continue to ponder the idea of the Moon and how she is affected by each sign.

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