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Mercury in Pisces, Retrograde!

February 28, 2013

In honor of the on-going present Mercury Retrograde I figured I would do something special. That was Saturday (February 23rd) the day the retrograde began. I was going to set up a video instead. Only to find out I had to do an upgrade, which still might happen. But I use this example because it really is a retrograde story. It is difficult to do new things, particularly related to communication while Mercury is retrograde. So I figured I would start off with my own experience of working with the retrograde energy.
Mercury retrograde happens several times a year. Each time Mercury will appear to go backwards, in relation to the Earth. It has a very quick cycle and due to the elliptical orb of the Earth there are times when the planets appear to be going backward. Right now as of Saturday the 23rd, Mercury is in one of it’s reverse actions. This as I pointed out in my story is a time when communications of all kinds will seem to go on the fritz. This goes for conversations where someone could be easily misunderstood. With the Pisces the energy is one of sensitivity. So feelings could get hurt easily. Situations that leave open opportunities for regret are possible, so it is important to be wary. Pisces is not the best sign for Mercury. Here Pisces is in it’s detriment. This weakens the energy to begin with, add on the retrograde action and wha la. It would be important to remain vigilant in all communications. Knowing that miss-communications are very possible.
With all this said it would also be important to note that it is not a good time to buy an automobile or a computer. An automobile is also ruled by Mercury. Short-distance travel is a part of the energy of Mercury. Automobiles bought during the retrograde run a risk of having issues. The deal in general could be rough. Things do not go smoothly during retrogrades. Best to do things before and or after the retrograde and the shadow of the retrograde has past.
To further explain Mercury’s shadow, this retrograde started at 19 degrees of Pisces and it will go all the way back to 5 degrees of Pisces. It won’t be out of it shadow again until it reaches the 19 degree point, or where the retrograde began. The shadow is not as intense as the actual retrograde. But often it is during that time that things have to be “fixed” or set right. So it takes that long to get back to normal, so to speak.
What retrogrades are good for is clean up. Going through your desk or even the computer itself and cleaning up the files. This would be a good use of the energy of the retrograde. It is also a good time to do research. Not necessarily a time to start something new, but a good time to prepare for something new. We are more sensitive with this present retrograde, falling into Pisces. This as I pointed out early is a very sensitive place. There is much compassion and empathy for others with this energy. But here again make sure you are making yourself clear. Because in the sign of Pisces there could be greater issues of clarity due to the energy of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by the sign of Neptune. A more spiritual energy. But in Neptune there is a great lack of clarity. Pisces also has times when clarity is difficult. This will be particularly true as it relates to the idea of communication. Even while traveling there may be more concern about getting lost.
When deciding what you will do with your three weeks of retrograde, remember that retrograde energy is about reflection and this is not a bad thing! Simply makes it more important to know when a Mercury retrograde is going on so we can make the most of it’s energy rather then going against the energies. Which can cause frustration and even anger.
So what are you going to do with the next three weeks? Even longer if you consider the three weeks when Mercury is in it’s shadow.

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