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Moon in Leo

February 23, 2013

In honor of the concept of Blogging I thought it would be cool to do today’s Moon. Considering Mercury is not officially retrograde and will be for the next three week, felt it was a good time to consider the Moon and how the Moon also relates to each of our own pasts. It is also the way to get in touch with the emotional side of yourself. The needs with regard to nurturing and security also apply to the energy of the Moon. The Moon like the Sun is a part of who we are. However, in the case of the Moon it changes signs every two and a half days, running through all twelve signs in a period of one month. This can make it harder to track without the assistance of a computer and astrology software.

In astrology the Moon can also represent things like timing, since the Moon also represents an hour as the Sun represents the day! The Moon also represent mother and the ideas we have about women in general. Mother is often read in a chart as the mother and the type of mother one had, at least from the perspective of the one holding the chart.

Still the Moon can also be seen as the general public, since all of us are going to be influenced one way or the other by our emotions. The Moon representing the public flavor or energy of the group. It can also represent the manner of reaction or interaction with others. Again it is about the “emotional content” or “emotional state.” Making this one good reason to know and get to know your natal Moon in your astrology chart.

Today’s Moon is running through the sign of Leo. Looking at the energy of Leo there is a sense of loyalty. Social engagements tend to be highlighted and even situations where one is not looking to be very social. Leo the sign is ruled by the Sun. The idea of “shining” comes to mind. It would be interesting to see how many Leos or Leo Moons we come in contact with during the sojourn of Leo Moon.

Things can be much more dramatic when the sign of the Moon runs through the sign of Leo, they can also be more romantic. Flattery and things of this nature could be the order of the day. It can be a time of much enjoyment. Are you taking advantage of this Leo energy, got any parties or gatherings planned? How about a romantic date or get away?

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