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The Three of Cups, Upright!

February 21, 2013

Of all the cards this is one of the happiest. In this card there are three young women hold up cups or chalices in the air while they are circle and from the appearance, they are also dancing. These young girls are wearing robes with flowers in their hair. From what we can see, they are celebrating. On the ground at their feet are flowers and other vegetables from the ground. Such a happy picture!

This brings up the obvious when reading for someone or for yourself. This is the card of being happy and of celebrating. It can show up representing a holiday, but it can also be the happiness which results form achievement of a goal. It is a happy occasion in any event. There is much happiness in the card. In a more subtle way it is speaking of the happiness of the person being read. With the card upright, they are indeed happy with where they are life. This card represents represents that feeling of happiness.

When reading the cards this card is one of happiness. It is a feeling even more then a particular event. This state of mind can happen when we get something we really want. The person we want to notice us pays attention or we have just accomplished a great feat and are now on the other side. All of this brings happiness to one’s heart and this card is the description of that feeling. So even as an outcome card in a reading, it is talking of celebrating.

In reverse this card is the opposite. Generally with something or someone they were once very happy about. This card talks of the happiness as being past and in it’s place is this sense of disappointment. There is no longer that happiness, it has become something else, something far less pleasant. But this key is that the happiness was there originally. Originally it was a situation that someone felt was worth celebrating. In reverse this is not true.

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