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Hades at the Aries Point

January 30, 2013

In the last astrology post I talked about Pallas at the Aries Point. Figured it was worth also mentioning Hades which has been running back and forth over the Aries Point since 2011. So it has been going on for sometime. It will be easier for us to see. Aries Points are as I mentioned last post, the 0-1 degree of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. All the cardinal signs hold this special significance. At 0-1 degree of Cancer Hades has been a larger player in the overall world energy. Aries Point is not only the world at large, it is a point that we all are affected by on some level. Some of course more directly then others.

Hades is a Transneptunian. Many Astrologers debate whether it is worth using the TNPs. They are at this time more related to points in space rather then being either an asteroid or a planet. Hades represents errors, dirt and those things that can bring shame. Hades can also result in great compassion. Hades is details, but that is often the “dirt” of the matter. Like all points and energies in Astrology there is no good or bad really. But Hades is one of the more difficult points. It has been apparent in not only how many bad things those in positions of authority have been “caught” at. This was particularly true when Hades was running with Kronos, for authority figures. But with Hades anything you may be hiding from skeletons in the closet to deep dark secrets. Hades often can bring shame. It can represent errors in judgement. It is also the mess left behind after a storm runs through.

Dirt and disease are under the energy of Hades. So the “dirt” of the world is more apparent. I think in that sense we can all agree. There are many “bad” things going on in the world. Sometimes these events will trigger compassion in others. At other times it is the debris of revolution and wars, such as the Middle East is going through. No matter how you look at it, what ever the garbage, it is certainly going to be put out on the world stage right now. Even our latest Presidential campaign was filled with dirt each side trying to bring down the other . Shameful things of the past were brought to light with both candidates. Certainly it wasn’t pleasant experiencing a Presidential Election while Hades was hanging around the Aries Point. It made for some real nasty campaigns.

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