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Five of Wands, Right side Up!

January 29, 2013

Five Young people sporting long stick like limbs. On the limbs there are new buds. The buds on the Wands are significant as they represent the new opportunities or new possibilities. This idea very important to the Wand energy in general. These young people are not so gender specific. They can be boys or girls or just androgynous in nature. There is a struggle or game between the five young people. There can be an adversarial aspect to their energy. This “battle” of sorts seems to take place out in the countryside, with the mountains in the background.

The key to the energy of this card is all over the above paragraph or description of the card. The idea of competition or even strife accompanying new endeavors could be one interpretation. The card does indicate stress and struggles. Though not all the struggles are between the person being read and some adversary, the struggle could be with oneself. The struggle could be with anyone. It could be a struggle of priority. There is a sense that a situation has expanded enough in one’s life to cause fallout to other areas of their life.

As a number “Five/5” is related to change. It relates to growth and the change that results from change. The unsettled feeling that comes when a situation has run it’s course and it is time to move on. The challenge with the energy is not to be too rebellious with the changes. Not to be so foolish as to assume everything is going to be rosy but to deal with these struggles head on. To help to co-operate with the energy of change. But to try to hang on to the original purpose. It could even be an indication that the person being read needs to pay attention to where things are going and make sure they are headed in a direction that is true to who they are.

In reverse this card actually represents the opposite. It refers to peace in one’s life. It represents a time period or situation where one is settled, at least for the moment. This is the peaceful calm that happens in between those times when events happen and change is every where. The energy of the card is not something we can see is positive or negative. In reverse it sure can often be a welcome site. This can make it more exciting to get the card in reverse rather then upright. Unless of course someone is waiting for something. Even upright it is not necessarily a bad event that is causing so much stress. Even success brings stress! So it is not a bad thing to get this card in either position upright or reverse. Just much more happening when it is upright.

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