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The Lovers Upright

January 14, 2013

This card is a Major Arcana Card, this means in a reading it can have a deeper quality to it’s meaning. Rather then describing an event a Major Arcana has more powerful symbolism. The Major Arcana is our passage through life. We will all experience the energy of the Major Arcana many times in our way through life. Often the Major Arcana has more then one meaning or way to apply the energy. There are readers who will use only the Major Arcana when they read for someone. We can learn a great deal working with the Major Arcana which can often indicate where we are in our lives.

This card The Lovers is a card with both a male and female figure. They are naked with an angel in the clouds behind them. Reminds one of the Adam and Eve story. The Angel is often shown with open arms, as though she is protecting the couple. Flowering vines stand behind each the male and the female. The Sun is shining brightly with a mountain in the background. The card in this upright position is quite a positive scene, one showing prosperity and protection. Even the number six (VI) at the top of the card represents balance and harmony through things being in balance.

Upright this card indicates someone who is on the right track with their life. The card is an indication that the person being read should stick to the original plan. It is a confirmation that they are on the right track already. So when this card presents itself it really is an indication that the person being read will want to continue with what they already have rather then going in a different direction or are thinking about doing something different. Here they shouldn’t do anything different.

In reverse it would then be the opposite. It would represent new opportunities that the person being read will want to take advantage of. It will indicate a time when taking a new route would be better and more in line with where that person needs to be. Reverse or upright this is a very positive card with much positive energy. Even when reversed it indicates the opportunity is there to make changes or to do things differently.

The Lovers card is upright, so one can make note whether making changes or doing something differently might not be the best option right now.

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