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Saturn in Scorpio

January 3, 2013

Taking a moment to look at the energy of Saturn in Scorpio. Right now Saturn is 9 degrees 45 minutes of Scorpio. The fall of 2012 Saturn moved from Libra to Scorpio. This subtle change will on many levels will affect all of us. Even if our own charts are not so affected at this moment by the present placement of Saturn at some point in the next four years we will be. When we are not directly affected, those around us could be.

Looking at the energy of Scorpio and it’s intensity and then applying that to the structure and discipline of Scorpio, it almost gives one hope that maybe we will get on the stick as human kind and start to follow the rules and be more disciplined in order to make ourselves better at being who we are. But this energy is also very vindictive and can be the stinger of the Scorpion. Scorpions can be very vengeful if they feel they have been crossed. With the added discipline and strict ways of Saturn, there can be some real bad pay backs that could be very destructive. It will be difficult for tolerance and acceptance.

We always look at the lessons of Saturn as things that come to us from the external world. This is not so, it is actually what we draw to us internally. Saturn is often referred to as the lesson maker. It is through the lessons of Saturn that we often can experience the most most growth and maturing. Those things that need to go will come to your attention. Sometimes this can be relationships at other times it can be a job. But it also comes into play when a child grows up and moves on with their life. Parents will go through “empty nest” and the child “home sickness.” Both can be very Saturn in energy. That idea of separation is very much apart of the Saturn lesson.

Now moving to the energy of Scorpio, where there is such an intensity. The fact that Scorpions can be very loyal and really stick it out when in difficult situations. The fact that there is a forced situation can either make that Scorpion energy react is some pretty negative ways. But it can also be the greatest energy for having the willpower and drive to over-come. So how each person will deal with the lessons of this present Scorpion Saturn will be individual. Each person will handle it their own way depending on their natal chart and their personal evolution. As a more conscious and aware human, there is the ability to make the choice and know that the lessons of Saturn are a important part of their growth experience and not something to fight against. But more something to roll with. As with all lessons, it is about taking those lemons and making lemonade.

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