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Four of Pentacles – Upright

January 2, 2013

A man sits with a city in the background. Above his head, under each foot and his arms are wrapped around pentacles. The most interesting one is the pentacle he is holding. One arm above and one arm below. That is the strongest symbol to this reader. It talks to the reader of how someone is holding on to. In this case, he is holding on to money. This puts him in a secure place above or in front of the city. This idea of securing oneself by watching spending and securing one’s finances is certainly an aspect to this card.

If we take this out of the realm of money, it can also stand for someone who is keeping to themselves. They are not volunteering to help others or to get involved in many activities, choosing instead to keep to themselves, not to over-extend themselves. So the Four of Pentacles when upright has to do with keeping track of one’s energy, and that can include things like money or resources. People who live on tight budgets will often get this card. It is a reminder to keep watching your money and how much you are spending on things. When upright there is a sense that the person being read has control of their situation. Here again whether that situation is about their money or their physical energy, they are keeping track.

Now with this card reversed, the opposite is true. This is one of those cards that if it shows up in reverse it means the reverse. This would be showing someone who is very busy, maybe even out of control with how thin they have themselves spread whether that is regarding their energy and time or their money. This card is telling them to pull in their energy, their money or even their time. There is a sense of being over-whelmed with the Four of Pentacle when it is reversed.

For us today the card is upright and that is a good thing, it is an indication that at least for the moment we are all tightening up our purse strings and we are taking responsibility for our time and energy. Then again it is that time of year when we should all be pulling back a bit if we can from our activities, so that we can recuperate from the Holidays, both financially and physically.

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