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The Smaller Asteroids, today Astraea

December 20, 2012

In doing these short posts for the website I have been trying to include as much of the different ways to approach astrology. In some of the comments made by others, some of these articles are not detailed enough or there is a sense that maybe we don’t always understand what is being discussed. Fair enough! Astrology is a very complicated subject matter. To be an astrologer for example requires many years of study. As time has past, it has gotten even more complicated with more bodies being added in to the mix. When doing these short posts it has been difficult to include all that is necessarily to fully understand how astrology works. Other then what I have already written on another page in the website, Astrology is an ever evolving language. It is based on the magnetic forces of other bodies as their revolve around the Sun and Earth.

One area that has grown exponentially since I began my studies in Astrology almost 45 years ago is the Asteroids. There are over 17 thousand named asteroids. Many of these asteroids are now being incorporated into the work of astrologers, including myself. These little rocks are notorious because they add so much detail to a chart. They make things like chart rectification possible. They create such detail making it easier to tell a story or make a prediction.

The big four asteroids have been used the longest and have had much research done on them. Those would be Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno. They all represent a part of us and we can read more on them within the website under Astrology. In addition to what we refer to as the big four there are many more asteroids smaller ones. Astraea is a good example of an asteroid that has been used by many, perhaps for some as long as they have been reading the big four. Astraea is an asteroid that represents the eyes. It represents also what we “see” visually and how we are affected by what it is we see. Astraea is also an asteroid that indicates an inability to let go or resolve. So if you “see” something with Astraea in mind, it is likely you will not be getting over what it was that you did see. Those who have Astraea for example conjunct or in aspect to Venus will not get over their relationships. There could also be a tendency to leave a job but later go back to it, even if only for a moment. There is no burning of bridges when Astraea is involved. There is a lack of closure with this energy.

Astraea is about how we dealing with those endings that are left dangling. If Astraea falls in the fifth there may be some unresolved ending with relationships or regarding a child. It may be that it is difficult to finish one’s creative projects. So whatever planet is aspecting Astraea in the chart, will affect the energy of whatever it is that is left hanging. Mercury could relate to unfinished thoughts or communications. It could also indicate on-going or unresolved issues with siblings. This could also be true if Astraea falls in the third house of a natal chart. Astraea adds the detail that none of the planets could add.

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