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DEATH, Upright

December 18, 2012

A skeleton dressed in armor sits on a horse holding a flag in his hand. In front of him a religious leader in robes. The Sun is rising in the background. A woman and a child kneeing in front of the skeleton’s horse. The Sun rising is however the real sign at least to this reader. It is the Sun once again rising up on the horizon that really captures the inner, deeper meaning of the card.

In the upright position this card and in particular the Sun rising depicts a rise up out of a storm or difficult situation. The essence of the card is to rise up out of the ashes. There is a sense of coming back or regaining strength when this card comes up. That is what our skeleton is doing. The skeleton is representing the client or the person being read. It is a Major Arcana card. This means it can present itself as representative on any and all levels of a person’s life. Example of this might be that someone who has been laid off from a job could have the Death card show up and it would be an indication they are going back to work. But that is also going to be true of their personal life as well, since a job is a part of a persons ego self. It helps them to feel more worthy and confident. Therefore all areas of their life would be better. There is a deeper meaning rather then just the job itself. It is also everything that job brings to the security of the individual.

Major Arcana cards will all work in this fashion. They are more then an event, they are everything that the event brings with it. In the case of our Death Card, it is about getting back into the game. Like the Sun rising up in the horizon, it represents an opportunity to get back on the horse again, (literally.) Appropriate that our rider is on a horse and the religious man could be a reminder that we are working toward a higher purpose. Following the track with the soul’s purpose is a journey filled with pot holes and set backs. It is through and with grace that we get back up and keep on going. That is what the Death Card is telling us. That it is time to get back on the horse and continue the journey that is set before us.

In reverse the card is not telling us we are on the wrong journey. It is more the point where the individual is tied by circumstance to where they are at that point in time. In reverse it refers to points in time when we are trapped and have to wait to continue what we feel is our journey or path. This can be those who are students or anyone else who is in a situation where at the moment they can only plan for the future not necessarily act on it. So it doesn’t mean the opposite when reversed. It is more the holding place before getting back on the horse again.

Since today’s card was upright, we have to ask ourselves what area it is in our life that is moving forward? Is it a feeling of being back in terms of energy? Or perhaps it is the holidays and being once again in the holiday spirit that has given us hope and excitement. Whatever it is, this is one card that is preferable upright!

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