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Presently Transiting Conjunction of Mars/Pluto

December 2, 2012

Starting off with two planets or more recently one Planet Mars and a Planetoid, according to new science, Pluto. As an astrologer, I don’t look on Pluto any differently then I did when I began studying astrology several decades ago. To most astrologers I have had contact with in recent years all agree. The way we look at Pluto and use it in our work has not changed. When we think that asteroids which are even smaller can have such impact on our lives, there is no reason Pluto would affect us any less.

So looking at Mars who is hanging out in Capricorn right now and has come to sit with Pluto for a time. Mars moves much faster then Pluto taking a year and a half or so to get through all signs. Pluto takes 248 years to get through all the signs. Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets. Mars represents that aggressive part of our nature. Our anger is here. This part of us doesn’t always listen to reason it is pure action or activity. We all have a Mars in our natal chart, so on some level we all have a bit of competition, aggression and even anger. Whether it is impulsive or assertive it refers to the energy used. That’s Mars~

Pluto on the other hand is about transformation, eliminating, regenerative or degenerative. Due to the fact that it can take between 12-32 years to get through one sign shows how slow it’s intense energy can be. Pluto does bring a sense of intensity. Needless to say there is much political and economic issues. The idea of new governments would apply. Also the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was 1776, when we were developing a new government. So very likely during it’s time here we will have new developments in education, social, legal and religious concepts will evolve and possibly new governments can be created. But for our purposes a new financial concept.

Mars is in the sign of Capricorn and here it is very strong. It is able use it’s Mars energy to achieve goals and to move forward with plans. The tendency here is to be more materialistic. Which makes some good sense it is the holiday season and even with the financial and economic new looking pretty bleak at the moment. The Black Friday even was still a huge success. Sales were good. The need and desire to either get gifts or to be able to spend money was great.

Now Pluto is often associated with debt. Not too surprising that working along with Mars could indicate many of these sales were made with credit cards or on some kind of credit. Money that will need to be taken care of eventually. Now since the Mars energy is Capricorn and here there is some determination, organization and discipline. It is a very good chance that this debt will be paid and in some cases people used money they already had.

Depending on how this line up affects you and your chart will give a clue to how this energy is affecting you. Certainly this combination does give a great deal of energy and power one can tap into. There is a great deal of courage through the energy in general. Maybe the whole great sales for the holiday in light of a fiscal cliff is really about courage! Or was it rather about impulse and greed. Only time will tell!

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