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Strength, Upright!

November 13, 2012

On first look we see a woman with her hands on either side of the month of a Lion and by the stance of the Lion he is cowering down to her. She wears the crown, a symbol of eternal life. She is draped in a robe that is decorated with what appears to be red roses, a symbol of love. The Lion is not unhappy, he is soothed by her. Behind and below there are mountains and hillsides, so they are up high. So much of this card can be read in the picture.

This card when upright is very much what you see, it refers to patience and to love and how it takes a loving hand to achieve what it is we are after. This lady is able to close the mouth of the lion and she does it in a dress flowers, not with a sword or gun. With the symbol above her head we get the feeling she is special and as a result has special qualities.

We all have special qualities and the ability to love and be compassionate. That these qualities can have the affect of soothing a lion, or perhaps the lion in our lives, whatever that might be. So right side up there is a sense that one will achieve more with honey and with kindness. That is exactly how this card is read in a card reading. The card is telling the one being read to take it easy, not to push so hard. It is about being patient and allowing things to go in their own time. It can also show the character of who is that is being read. It shows someone as being very kind and not pushy to get what they want someone who does have patience and extends that patience into their life.

In Reverse the card has an opposing energy. It refers to someone who is pushing to hard and as a result adding stress to the situation or to themselves. This is a card that has a great deal to do with the attitude of the one being read. It is not so much a prediction card as a reflection of the individual themselves. It talks of patience but it doesn’t really talk about what the outcome will be. This card is instead a reflection of the person being read. Their attitude were they continuing to bang their head against the wall as they persevere through battling again all hope or all odds. Perhaps even doing so at the risk of their own health or those around them. This is a card that can warn someone to slow down take it easy and really look at where they are headed. Ultimately asking themselves if this is the right thing? So it is in the reverse position that can be very mind-blowing, letting someone know they need to re-access their situations.

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