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Saturn Trine Neptune:

November 10, 2012

Starting off with a general look at both Saturn which is running in the sign of Scorpio and Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Saturn is our structures and with Neptune there is going to be some confusion. With this Chiron is also running with Neptune in Pisces and Chiron represents healing. If we look at the election, there was indeed plenty of confusion, particularly after a storm and lets face it both politicians were looking to heal the country.

The trine energy tells us that the energy is in an easy aspect. Generally this is beneficial, but when you look at Saturn which is our teacher of lessons, and Neptune the energy of compassion as well as an energy that can be very confusing. We do see where the storm that happened the week before the elections was very fitting use of this energy. Chiron as an added extra is the healing energy, but often healing is painful. Certainly the idea of restructuring will be very confusion and Neptune is often associated with water. So the water is making it more confusing and the fact that this energy is easy can also indicate that the confusion can aid in the lesson!

Compassion is the key here, with Saturn in such an easy aspect to Neptune there is going to be less ego, indicating that even those running for President both really wanted to help. It wasn’t just about them, even if it didn’t always seem so. Compassion is also a key with so much destruction from Sandy! That storm so fit into the structure of this planet line up! It is a time when people are less likely to think only of themselves and more likely to think about how awful things are for others.

With Saturn in the sign of Scorpio there is more determination. To regain structure and to makes something of that structure will be important. With Neptune in Pisces where it is very strong, compassion will be at it’s highest. It may be that there will be situations where people have regrets and could take this opportunity to fix or look at those past regrets and how they could be handled differently in the future. We can only hope this aspect affects all our elected officials! With the Chiron hopefully there can be some real healing, even if it took something like a storm to really get people to be more aware. Could this be an opportunity for many of us to understand what needs to be done, to understand where the mistakes have been made in the past and take the opportunity to fix them. With Chiron the fixing won’t be easy and at times even painful but it can be done

This is the time for us all to take advantage of this opportunity. Have compassion for those around us. And be sure that we deal with and apply all that we have learned in the recent past to make better decisions

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