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The Three of Pentacle

November 9, 2012

The card today is a very interesting one to look at. The three pentacles are in the middle of two archways inside of a larger archway. It looks to be some important building maybe a church or an educational institution maybe even a government building. The Master who created the work stands back and looks upon it while two more important figures in robes look on with approval. Therefore one gets the idea that The Three of Pentacle is represented not only by the three pentacles in the card but also the three people.

The Three is important in this card. It brings up the idea of the trinity used in religion. It is the idea of two people coming together to create a third! It deals with increase due to heading the right direction or gaining the approval, just like the card indicates when we look at it. This card has been referred to also as the card of the apprentice and when looking at it we can also imagine that the person who created this art work is an apprentice and the approval from the other two could indicate they are the masters. Here again that idea of two people creating or training a third.

In the upright position, it is indeed approval. It is the idea that this is it! That one is heading in the right direction and there is a sense of knowing, just as the master knows he has created something good. It is a confirmation card, rather then one that indicates an event. To get the Three of Pentacles upright in a reading is to confirm to the reader that they are indeed doing the right thing and things for them will work out, no matter what they might be feeling in the moment, or how much they might be questioning. Sometimes this card can be placed in such a way that the person being read is really unaware that “this is it.” Because they are questioning, whether this relationship or this job or whatever it is that they may not be sure of is indeed the right one. Again much more of a confirmation card rather then a card that predicts events.

Now in the reverse position. The Three of Pentacles is one of those cards that means the opposite literally. So the answer would be the opposite. It would be a reminder to the person being read that this is now the right direction. It can be telling the individual that the situation as it stands is not it. That perhaps there is something else coming or there are more preparations to be made. The rest of the cards could hold that answer. When a person is stuck and not sure what to do, the Three of Pentacles in reverse can actually be good news. This is due to the fact that the situation is not the right direction or the right circumstance. So it is not all bad news. Sometimes we really don’t want to think this is where we are going to end up, again that can be related to a job, project or even a relationship.

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