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Sun in the First House, Part V

November 1, 2012

This is the last in our Series of the Sun in the First house. The last two signs or energies to look at are, Sun in Aquarius in the First and Sun in Pisces in the First. Recalling the first house is the house of “I am.” In Aquarius, this is a bit of a detriment due to the fact that Aquarians identify more with the masses. Not unlike Libra who identifies with someone else, namely their significant other. To the Aquarius “I am,” is more related to the group of people they find themselves involved with. Still good to look at as are most if not all the Suns in the First house. But with Aquarius there is a strong identification with those around them. It might be related to their work or even a cause they have invested themselves in. Even as I write this it is important to remember that Aquarians are also extremely independent. There is an underlying modesty, these people do not like to have too much attention drawn to themselves. Creative and original, there is nothing ordinary about the Aquarius energy. Fun-loving and friendly in an impersonal way. They have a gift of being able to be very objective even when they are directly involved. They could at times be considered cold because of their objectivity.

The energy of Aquarius can also be stubborn and determined, at times down right eccentric. They often will feel that those around them do not comprehend their ideas. With this energy there is a great deal of emphasis on knowledge. When the Aquarius argues they tend to stir up the opposition.

There is also no sense of snobbery with this energy, believing that all people are indeed equal and deserve the same treatment. There is a great deal of sympathy for all human kind. Though they look calm on the outside there can be a great deal of anxiety inside of them. Then again this energy can also make them good workers. Often 50 years ahead of their time in their thinking, and this can make them hard to follow or even understand.

The Sun in the first in Pisces is the last of this series. Here with energy these people can be known for their sensitivity. There is a strong desire to do the right thing, but not always the willpower. With this energy there is a sensitivity to others to the point where their unknowingly will pick up the emotions and ideas of those around them. External forces can have a strong influence on Pisces. It can be very difficult for the Pisces Sun to make up their mind. They tend to be tired a great deal, perhaps due in part to their sensitivity. It makes it important for them to be able to withdraw from time to time in order to regain their strength. Pisces does not have a taste for struggles at any time. When they do go through something they are likely to suffer rather then fight. On the bright side this energy is also very patient, therefore they can wait things out. One of the greatest strengths is their faith. Faith is something to be cultivated as it is important element to keeping the Pisces Sun strong.

Charming and kind, their tendency is to let things go and this can be aggravating to other people. They can be both pessimistic and or optimistic wavering emotionally. For those who are very into the material aspects of life, someone like the Pisces Sun can be difficult if not down right irritating. With this sensitivity, there will gain much in life through listening to the little voice inside. There make great artists, musicians or actors since they are sensitive to others and can at times live in their own dream world. They can also be very visionary in their thinking.

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