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Six of Wands, Upright

October 29, 2012

Today’s card The Six of Wands comes to us in the upright position. Taking a look at what we see on this card. A young person riding a horse holding a Wand with a wreath on it. He is surrounded by several other people who are also holding wands in their hands. The horse is dressed in a way that makes one think of a parade. The horse like the master is wearing a cape and the horse also has a fancy rein. All wands have small sprouts. These sprouts remind us of the hope of new beginnings.

The Card the Six of Wands is said to be a victory card and it does look as though there could indeed be a victory parade taking place. And there is the greater meaning of the card, it represents a victory, particularly a victory after a struggle. This is the winning card after a great race. This card certainly refers to the idea that one worked hard to gain this victory. Our young leader shows us this, his people are with him.

So to the person being read there is indeed a victory. It marks a time when things come together. After we work really hard for something there is that time where we get our just due. The Six of Wands is that time of just due, of things working out and building in a direction we want to go.

In reverse it is the opposite. This is one of those cards where the opposite energy does apply. With this there is still a great deal of struggle, but instead of things being resolved more problems seem to occur. This card will not necessarily the determining factor on whether or not something will eventually succeed. More that it marks a period of time when there are struggles and perhaps even more to go. So it tells us the path is not there. In another reading it could be a contributing factor to something not succeeding or for it being a failure on some level. It won’t necessarily make the final decision but it surely is pointing in that direction and with follow-up of other cards in the reading it indeed could be that after a great struggle there is a failure. A failed situation where there is simply one problem after another.

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