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Sun in the First House Series continued, Part IV

October 26, 2012

Keeping with the Sun in the first house this post will discuss two more signs and describing the ways in which those energies will affect the Sun when placed in the First House.

To recap the energy in the first house and how the Sun when placed there indicates someone who is very self aware. The First House representing the House of “I am.” So any sign the Sun might fall into is going to have a strong sense of just what that energy is. More so they are going to express that sign or that energy to the fullest. Because in the house of “I am,” they are indeed what they portray.

Sun in the sign of Sagittarius is a individual who can be bigger then life! With Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter there is going to be a happy go lucky type individual. Here we can be dealing with someone who is more worldly as well as cheerful and generous. There is a great deal of optimism and very likely they go for larger then life type goals. These people can be inspirational to others. There optimism can be very contagious. They do have to be wary of taking things for granted, in their optimism.

Straight forward and very honest there is a great love of freedom. This is a very outgoing energy, particularly when it comes to achieving their goals. This is a very idealistic energy, they can be very insightful and even futuristic in their thinking. There is a love of adventure and excitement. With the energy there is also a love of travel. These people will also want to be acknowledged for their knowledge and quality of work.

Now with Sun in Capricorn in the First, Saturn is the ruling planet. With Saturn as a ruling planet, these people are very disciplined. They work hard and they can be very patient. These people may be serious looking and everything they do has purpose. To most people they will appear very austere and even melancholy. Facial features could be a bit more angular, though like all first house Sun’s they will be good to look at. There is a business-like quality to them. There is a strong executive quality to this energy.

The energy of Capricorn or Saturn also makes this Sun position personally independent and economically sound. There is a great deal of intuition as well as a knowledge of practical affairs. There is a great deal of faith in their own power and ability, though they are also very careful. With this energy there is a strong ability to solve problems and they are thus very good at troubleshooting. Neat and methodical they prefer everything to be in good working order. Though they will often come off as meek in another instance they are anything but. These are not people who ever move backwards. They never want to be dependent on anyone else.

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