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Page of Wand this week’s journey!

October 24, 2012

This is a card that has two meanings upright or reversed. Starting off with what we see on the card. There is a young person looking at a Wand or Staff with small sprouts on it. The back ground is open terrain with small mountains in the background with a wide open sky. This young youth has a hopeful look about him/her, there is such an androgynous aspect to this character.

When this card falls in a reading in a in the upright position it indicates either a young person who is very supportive, verbally a cheerleader for the person being read. Often showing up as a child to the reader or a young relative where there is a close relationship. This upright quality shows the willingness of that young person to back and stand up for the person being read. But more then that this is also a social card. Upright indicating that there could be news of a get-together or gathering that is either social or of a networking nature. This can be news of something coming in that can be beneficial either socially or business wise, depending on what else falls with this card.

So it can be either news or it can be a young person! But in reality it can more often then not be both! Very often in a reading I will first mention to the client it is news and run the reading with that energy. But in the end I will often recap and give the young person description. In the end, both energies really work. This card as well as all the Pages in the deck as well as many of the Court Cards have duel meanings and using both of the meanings can really enhance the reading and add more detail and information.

In reverse the younger person energy still applies but now it is someone who says something upsetting. In this case, it is not necessarily limited to a young person. The idea of being upset by things said can also be an energy that is client or the person being read is using the energy of the page. So this can work as the person being read or it can be someone who upsets the person being read by what they say. In this situation the Page of Wand has multiple uses. And when it comes to the cards you want to explore ALL the things it can mean.

It also can be used as a delay of something that one is looking forward to or hoping for when The Page of Wand is in the reverse position. Here as a professional reader, I will often use the energy of being upset with things said before I talk about delays unless there are other factors that would have me read this energy differently. But again no matter which way you want to present the information it is always a good idea to remember that a card means all that it can!

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