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The Four of Swords – Reversed!

October 17, 2012

Starting off with just the picture itself. Using the Rider-Waite Deck, there is a esophagus or coffin with three swords hanging above on the wall behind in what appears to be a church or chapel. There is also a sword on the coffin! An image of rest! Some might think the end of something, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it can even indicate a vacation or time off from whatever we do. So in the upright position in a reading we are looking at rest!

Now today’s card come up in the Reversed position. In the case of the Four of Swords it is better if the card is reversed, unless you are looking to go on a vacation. In the reversed position it refers to being back in action again. It can happen when you are returning from time away for whatever reason. Ironically, I am in a situation where I am back at something after a break! It can mark that there is movement or action coming into the life of the person being read. This is like all the cards a situation that can also be read on more then one level. It doesn’t have to refer to only going back at something it also refers to the fact that there is more energy for the person being read! On a physical level, this is a wonderful thing. It indicates something has re-invigorated that person and has that person up and running on some level.

This would not necessarily indicate dealing with the beginning of new matters, that would depend on where the card fell in a total reading. Here we are only pulling one card to study. Just like the upright position there is not necessarily a guarantee of endings. That would be determined by the whole reading. This card is actually more of an indication of energy level and zest for life or the counterpart, the need for rest. In our live times we will have periods of each we won’t feel upset about taking time off and going on vacation. We might not be all that excited about a new project that needs to take place, or an educational opportunity that we need to take on. The rest of the cards will talk more about the details. This is merely a statement of getting oneself back into action!

So how does the Four of Swords – Reversed play out in your life presently?

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