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Sun in the First House continued! Part III

October 17, 2012

This next section we are taking a look at the next three signs and how the Sun in the First house might respond with these particular energies.

The next sign or energy is the Sun in Virgo in the first house. Virgo like Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury. There is a great deal of emphasis on the mental ability. These people are particularly good at the details. Perfection means so much to them. With that said there will also be an emphasis on the perfection of one’s appearance. Each hair will be in place there won’t be strings hanging from there clothes which will also be perfectly ironed! For the Virgo it is about organization of all details. In the sign of Virgo there is not only attention to detail but with the practicality to also use those details. There is also a strong ability to be very critical. With the self-awareness of the First house being so strong, they can be as critical with themselves and they can with others. Not only will there be a perfection with regard to their clothing but also there is attention to good health. In some cases, there can be a very strict policy not to use artificial sweeteners or preservatives in foods.

As the First House represents the house of “I am.” With Virgo energy there is also a quality of “I analyze.” These Virgos can also be great speakers! No problem for them to give great speeches.

In the sign of Libra, this energy creates a real charmer. These people will know just what to say. Females can win beauty pageants and males can be real ladies man. This sign has a great deal of desire to be well-liked by others. In this sign the energy of Mars is again not as strong. Here Libra is ruled by Venus. Therefore there is a great deal of importance placed on their relationships. They have a strong ability to be able to see things from the view of the other person. The personal relationship is likely to be the most important aspect of their life. Like the sign of Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus. Here there is more emphasis on one’s charm and appeal to others. This energy makes Sun in Libra a great person to turn to for counsel. They also make good peace makers. This energy also goes out of it’s way to avoid conflict.

Now in the Sign of Scorpio a sign ruled by Pluto. This is a very intense energy thus a very intense individuals have Sun in Scorpio in the first house. This energy also gives a great deal of sexual appeal. Due to the intensity of the energy there is a magnetism to this energy. Known for their willpower and determination, there is a hidden and deep source of energy at their disposal. The idea that something can not be done is just not fathomable to the Scorpio Sun in the First. Here the Mars energy will drive them even more! There is such a personal power with this energy, particularly of an emotional nature. There is nothing superficial about this energy and this can often be a part of their appeal. There is also no real ability to delegate responsibilities, so they often end up doing all the work themselves. They are good workers and will see a project through to the end. They can also be very diligent about how things are started as well.

These are very generous and compassionate people, but they hate weakness whether it is in themselves or in someone else. They are loyal friends and will do whatever they can for another. Not known for their diplomacy. Basically because they are more likely to say exactly what is on their mind. Scorpions in general can be very secretive and with the Sun in the first house this is very true, using that information to help themselves achieve what they are after. Physically, their outstanding feature will be their piercing eyes.

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