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Continuing the Sun Series (pt 2)

October 11, 2012

This section will look at the Sun in the first house in the signs of Gemini, Cancer and Leo.

From the last post we discussed the idea of what the Sun residing in the First House and how they have a strong sense of awareness of themselves. With each sign determining the flavor the Sun will provide in terms of energy.

Looking at the energy of Gemini we see Mercury. So someone who is very much a communicator. These people might talk quickly and have a great deal of nervous energy. With the Sun in the first they can be not only nice to look at but great charmers. Even the life or the entertainer of the party. No doubt there is a great deal of brain power or ability to think on their feet. This could be what helps them achieve their aims in life.
Then again when one looks at the energy of Aries for which the first house is naturally ruled, there is a sense so of aggression. In the case of Gemini that aggression and competition will be in the intellectual arena. Often they are tall, thinner people with almost lithe like quality.

In Cancer there is a very different energy at play! There can be a great amount of physical beauty but often the upper body is larger, thicker torso. The pride here is in the home and family and this is more the arena of the Cancer Sun. This is energy ruled by the Moon so it is not akin to the aggressive/competitive energy of the Aries! This Moon energy is much more moody. It is ruled by it’s emotions. There is a great deal of sensitivity and ultimately a great deal of moody qualities. But this can be great if they decide to become an actress or actor. Due to the fact that Cancer is actually a cardinal energy like Aries but so different in how it manifests it’s energy there can be some difficulty for Cancer to use the energy of the first house as affectively as the Aries can.

Now putting that same energy into Leo where it is more akin to the energy of Aries, both being fire signs. The Leo is very charming, particularly about things such as competition. They can actually win because they can charm others to letting them have what it is they want. They don’t need to be as aggressive because they use their Sun energy to shine on others. Leo is also the ruler of the Sun. So the Sun is very nature to the sign of Leo. This is only emphasized more when the Sun falls into the first house. Here the charmer knows his ability and he/she is not shy about using it. They do make great leaders, particularly when in the first house. They can be fighters for the cause and loyal to their passion. Making them very stable for others to follow. Then again Leo is also a fixed sign, therefore very dependable and stable.

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