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Two of Wands Reversed!

October 8, 2012

For the second week in a row the card we are to discuss is reversed. But let’s look at this Two of Wands, a Man looking at what appears to be a world or atlas. He is between two Wands. It is about being more futuristic setting yourself up for the future. The verbiage used here would be, “laying the foundation that will take you into the future.” So in the upright form it talks of laying foundations that are setting up the person being read on some level. It talks of that foresightedness the ability to understand what needs to be done or what is set into motion will help that person being read to achieve their goals or their desires.

Now our card comes up in the reverse position and the Two of Wands is indeed a card that speaks of the opposite energy. So in reverse it talks of a foundation that is being set where there is a hope it will lead to something or be strong enough to build on, but unfortunately it is not going to work. The foundations laid will not be strong enough or timing will not allow those foundations to work.

This will not necessarily determine whether or not something will ultimately work out, with changes for example. But more often then not it is a card that shows that perhaps the person being read needs to look in a different direction. It could be an indication that there is no foundation for them to build on thus there is not a real foundation at all.

More often then not it is referring to the need to move on. However, this does not have to be the case. What the reader is going through could simply be that it is a rough time. That for that moment things are not going as one hope or expected. This can be a period that things in general may not be going well no matter what one does. Therefore it often takes a full reading to look over the rest of the cards to see if this is a case of needing to move on, or to let one know if it is a rough time and perhaps small changes in perspective or maybe adding in something new can turn the situation around.

So what does the Two of Wands Reverse say to you?

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