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The Sun Series

October 5, 2012

Taking a different approach for this next astrology article. Thought it would be interesting to take the closer planets and explore them through signs and houses. Quite an undertaking so this next series will be just that a series of articles taking a look at both the Sign and the House system with regard to the Sun.

Ideally Aries is said to be related or correlated to the first house, the house of I am. So if the Sun were to fall into Aries and it found itself in the first house this could be an indicator or someone who is quite naturally bigger then life. First of all any chart where the Sun falls into the first house is someone who is indeed very aware of themselves. This is not a bad or a good thing, it just is. Often these people have found that they have great influence through good looks and have learned early on in their lives to use this quality. They are people that can walk into a room and everyone notices them. The only time it might be a bit different is when the house is intercepted. Meaning that the Sun falls in the first house but is really the next sign. Such as the chart ruler or Ascendant is Aries but the Sun is actually early in Taurus. These people will have similar characteristics but perhaps not quite a strong or they are not so aware of it due to the fact that it took them longer to realize it in their lives. Ultimately they do come to the same place or ability.

With the energy of Aries, there is going to be a bit more aggression and they will be a bit more assertive. Very competitive they will enjoy being very active. Aries is associated with the warrior. So those aggressive tendencies will come into play. But being they have learned to use their looks and their aggression, this energy is often used in a more constructive way.

While a Sun in Taurus perhaps falling at the Ascendant will also use that charming personality and good looks to charm others, they will not be as a aggressive, maybe they are more nurturing and suave to get what it is they want. Not as a aggressive they might work harder to gain through more of a desire to do and serve others. It is that ability to work hard for others that will ultimately bring recognition to the Taurus First house Sun. Still considered the house of I AM, but here the I AM is more Venus related. These people will also derive much success through their own resources and the accumulation of resources. So not only having themselves to achieve recognition but also their homes and their cars etc.

Security is important to the sign of Taurus in the first house they are more aggressive about achieving security both emotional and financial. This is a very loyal sign as are the fixed signs in general, but with Taurus loyalty has a higher level of importance. There is a fondness for the good things in life and here in the first house they will use their charm and good looks to achieve what they need to feel secure.

In the next post we will discuss Sun in Gemini and Cancer as it would be placed in the first house.

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