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The Ace of Wand Reversed!

October 3, 2012

Today’s card comes to me as a reversed card and with all that is going on in my life it is very appropriate, since I have been laid up for a couple of weeks.

This is something that to me once again proves how accurate the cards can be. Since all I can do in the last couple of weeks is write for my website due to a medical issue. Just pulling a card for today’s write can be once again so accurate.

Our card today is about postponements and delays. It is not telling us the connection will not happen but only that it is delayed. Since it is an Ace it talks of a new beginning or a seed, in this case the Wand which is a connection. Connections are postponed. When we think of the Wand we think of Marketing and connections that would be more of a enterprising nature. A connection that can help us achieve our goals. Now this can also be a very social card, and it can also refer to social connections. But often it is directly related to business and business deals.

In an upright position it would be talking about connections that can help us and even help to introduce us to new deals or other people or contacts that might either help a company grow by creating new business. In the case of a social situation, it would once again be related to making more connections and more contacts. It is about creativity since it is the Wand energy. It is inspiring energy.

When reverse it is not the opposite but it is delayed, there are obstacles or issues that will have to be dealt with first. These issues may not even be those of the person being read, as it was with me today. But very often it can indicate a situation where the obstacle or the delay could come from any where, including a lack of enthusiasm that just isn’t quite there yet. Wands get us out there, they inspire and they propel us. When it is not there yet we simply need to wait, it is coming it is only delayed.

Having any delays in your life?

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