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The Star

September 23, 2012

Taking the Star Card in the upright position tells us that things are the way they are suppose to be. Often times we ask if we had taken a wrong road or direction. Maybe we should be on another path? But with this card comes the reassurance that no matter what is going on, what the obstacle the reader is still on target. The old saying “The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways,” could be applied here. We may not always be sure that we are doing the right thing or taking the right path but this card will often reassure us we are! Everything is as it should be. Another saying that applies to this card is, “As above, so below.” Indicating that taking the path that is in line with the God Plan. That as things happen above or with God, they are also working for you. It is one of the many cards to point out how connected we can be to our God, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

In the reverse, more time or effort may be needed to achieving or recognizing one’s goals. Something maybe missing or even the fact that someone may not feel well. It doesn’t necessarily mean the opposite, as some cards can. In reverse it is more about the need for “more” before the path is set and ready. Perhaps it is about those last few detail or obstacles or again maybe someone’s health is affecting the overall situation.

The Star is always a good card in a reading, upright more so. It is about being on track and sticking to the plan even if you feel you have be sideswiped and are not so sure. That too may have been part of the plan and it is good to have that confirmed.

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