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September 12, 2012

Looking back at some older articles that remain on the website, I came across an old Eclipse article written in 2007. The article was talking about the effects of that particular Eclipse. But it did start off with talking about what an Eclipse is. This then brings us to today’s article. Several times a year (Spring and Fall). It is a time when the Moon completely covers the Sun. This is known as a Solar Eclipse or an Annular Eclipse. In astrology we generally refer to all Sun eclipses as Solar Eclipses. It is the Sun that is being eclipsed.

There are also several Lunar Eclipses. These occur when the Moon is eclipsed by the Sun and they occur within weeks (about 2 wks) after the Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse takes place during a New Moon and the Lunar Eclipse happens during the subsequent Full Moon. There are significant to us in that some of those Eclipses if not all on some level do affect us!

During the weeks leading up to an eclipse, particularly one that is hitting us astrologically, there will be some areas of discomfort in our lives. This happens because an eclipse comes with the lesson of “letting go.” The eclipse can in many ways, ask us to grow up. It is the eclipses that can often indicate that something in our lives has gone bad or is no longer doing us any good and it is time to move past it. Whatever “it” might be. Relationships, jobs where ever the degree of that placement falls in your natal chart it will affect you.

FYI, the next Eclipse takes place on November 13th. It will fall in the sign of Scorpio at 21 degrees 56 minutes. The next Lunar Eclipse will be November 28th at 6 degrees 46 minutes Gemini Moon and subsequent Sagittarius Sun. A good question might be “What do these points mean in your chart?” “What House or area of your life do they affect? Because as of now and until they both get here we are going to see and feel the lessons of that Eclipse.
Personally as the author of this post I can tell you, I already see mine coming! And YES, I am going to get “hit.”

We can take a further look at what those points could feel like in the next astrology article next week!

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