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Taking a Moment to Look at the Queen of Cups:

September 11, 2012

She appears today in the upright position. This is generally when reading a woman. It can also represent a situation. Upright that situation could have something to do with being taken care of or taking care of someone else. Fields such as nursing or teaching can also be described by this Queen.

By the same token, if we look at her as a woman and not a situation, she is a care-taking woman. This is a sensitive and often intuitive woman. Thus when using the cards to describe a situation artist, teachers and caretakers would fall into this category. As a woman she would have many of the characteristics that would be common for someone who is very nurturing, caring and creative. This is someone who doesn’t need to be seen, often they are very quiet people. This is a woman who is sensitive enough to give those closest to her some very good advice. The Queen of Cups is also said to be a good listener and sounding board.

When she comes up in a reading to describe the one who is being read, it is often describing someone who is a good mother and good wife. These woman often do better when they are in a relationship. They are not as happy when they are alone. Again that tendency to take care of another is important and when there is no one to take care of they can feel alone.

The Queen of Cups is an emotional nurturing mother type! That emotional sensitivity is an important part of who they are and it is what they use the most often to help others. When the Queen presents herself in an upside down position, that emotional sensitivity goes haywire and thus there is a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills. Hormonal women or women who have issues with hormones, even if menopause, will come up as a Queen of Cups in reverse because of that ability to magnify and even exacerbate the situation. This is not a bad person, but rather one who is at that moment or in that situation, having difficulty dealing with reality.

By the same token this can also be someone who is noncommittal making promises they can’t possibility keep. But then again, that I the downside of not recognizing reality.

Since she came as an upright card, the question might be who takes care of us? Or who is it that we are taking care of? Does it feel better to cater to another person rather then focusing on the self? As a mother I can tell you at the time of the drawing of this card, my grown daughter came for a visit. As to whether it is I or she that is represented by the card, well, it is possible it is both!

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