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The Hierophant

September 6, 2012

Today’s card comes as a bit of a surprise. He did come upright, so we will talk about him in this position. This card represents learning. Generally it can be traditional learning or on the job training. It marks a time of growth through understanding and the implementation of that knowledge.

It can also represent tradition, it can be the learning about a new work system/procedure or learning about relationships can also fall into this category. Really any learning at all that can be applied practically can fall under the idea of the Hierophant. Upright this card is telling the one being read they are learning a lot. It refers to the rules and regulations that have to be applied to a situation, job or relationship. Learning is a part of living, so this card can appear often in a person’s life. It refers to new plateaus of understanding.

With that said this card in reverse does not mean the opposite. Actually, it still refers to learning but this time it may be due to a whole new element that comes into your life and this is said to be like a breath of fresh air. When reversed it speaks of opportunity or situations where the person being read could meet new people or do something different that opens new doors with regard to understanding. Sometimes the opportunity to met people who are different then we are whether they are older, younger or of a different culture it can represent a new way of seeing things.

So whether it is learning about something new, such as a job or banking experience even a relationship, there is a sense of understanding that comes. When reverse that understanding could be brought on by something that puts us in a very different place or with very different people, thus giving us the opportunity to learn and expand what we know.

As applied to what is going on in your life right now. Is there something new you are learning or beginning to understand? Personally, I just completed a very extensive learning opportunity which will enable me to continue on to the next level of my education. Very Fitting!!

How does the Hierophant affect you and what is going on in your life this week?

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