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Looking at Pluto in Capricorn Squaring Uranus in Aries: Part I

August 29, 2012

Both of these planets bring about change. With Uranus that change generally equals some form or freedom. Uranus is also very unpredictable and sudden. Uranus can often indicate a sudden excitement and this is not always for the better.

Pluto is also change, but in the form of transformation. It is a change that happens as a result of a corner perhaps that you got yourself backed into or it is the completion of something that can help you change your life. Such as finishing a college program and thus gaining a better occupation which leads to more money it leads to a better lifestyle where one gains more power in their own life. But it can work the other way, such as in the case of having too much debt. After awhile that debt will choke you and gain more importance in your life thus leaving you with less power. It can work either way, just as Uranus can excite and free up for the better or worse.

Right now these two planets are in a square another and at the very least this is an indication of some kind of struggle. On one hand we can say in the case of debt and how it is limiting freedom. On the other we can see changes are happening so suddenly around us and so catastrophically that we are being forced to change how we live, such as situations where someone looses their job, or living in an area where there has been some disaster due to weather conditions. These are the elements of Pluto and Uranus. The fact that they are square in energy is an indication of struggle and work. Squares are energy at cross purposes, so they are very much affecting each other and not really allowing the other to run a smooth ride.

This in and of itself is not a bad thing! Sometimes we need something to come in and pull us off course, shake things up a bit. With a square there is a great deal of energy. There is also the ability to struggle and work, to do what is necessary to make it work. Like walking in front of a big mirror and realizing we have let ourselves go and now need to get back in shape. Another reminder is a friend having a heart attack and the realization that we are no longer young. All of these “situations” will cause one to have a light bulb go on in your head, waking you up. This will then cause the transformations within you that will set into motion your changing your life.

This is not going to really affect everyone in the same way. Some this present square will hardly affect at all. It may not be in aspect to very much in your own natal chart, or your own life. But surely someone around you is going through their own personal disaster! And thus it does affect you!

This article will be continued next week, when we look at what it means for Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. How does Capricorn energy affect Pluto, how does Uranus do in the Sign of Aries?***Also check out New Moon Predictions for Monthly Updates!

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