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Ten of Wands Reversed, This Week’s Journey!

August 28, 2012

It was disappointing when I realized this was the card that was drawn today. This is a card that represents a heavy load of responsibility. When the card is reversed it is not so much the opposite as it is telling us that it is due to someone or something else. That we are being oppressed by something/someone outside of yourself.

This makes us hopefully think about what that means! Someone else is creating our heavy load or is causing us to feel very oppressed. When this card is upright, you are doing well with this load, but it is oppressive nonetheless. Times when carrying that load gets very heavy! Even if you are doing well and working with it.

When it is reversed the issues are brought on by others. It hopefully makes us think about whether this load is worth all the trouble. Then again maybe there is nothing you can do? Perhaps it is someone we love that has us loaded down with responsibility? If this is the case then it is important to remember that love is also a bit of sacrifice. But if this is a situation where someone isn’t pulling their own weight and there is no real reason for it other then it leads to a feeling that one is of being taken advantage of. Then I believe it might be a time to open our eyes and deal with the reality that it might be time to move on in some way or promote the moving on of someone else. But to carry a load that is not ours can and will lead to resentment and this is never a good situation.

Is there a Ten of Wands Reversed in your life?

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