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Jupiter In Gemini

August 23, 2012

Upon deciding on what to write about for this weeks’ Astrology Post, I decided to keep it simple and go with Jupiter as it runs through the sign of Gemini. Jupiter first of all is exalted in the sign of Sagittarius, with Gemini, Jupiter is said to be in it’s detriment. This is therefore not a strong place for Jupiter the planet that deals with expansion and optimism. Jupiter also deals with Foreign Countries or Cultures, it is associated with higher learning and education. Now in the sign of Gemini, that optimism could be more fleeting. Expansion might be based more on desire and less on need. If you think of the nature of Gemini, it is quick and fleeting but when it comes to Jupiter expansion, we would hope that we could set something into motion that will last and withstand the hand of time.


In Gemini this is not likely as it will be more about expanding and using band aids (so to speak) to keep thing together. Optimism could be based in the wrong concepts. Example when you put a band aid on the cut it doesn’t necessarily heal the cut. With the run of Jupiter through the sign of Gemini we might be learning the value of looking ahead of trying to establish ground work that will continue on into the future. With Jupiter in Gemini we see the bright ideas, but do we see the work in the follow through. In Gemini there could be a tendency to be overly optimistic and misjudge as a result.


It is important to remember that in the sign of Gemini Jupiter is not going to be as strong. The depth needed for follow-through might not be there. So the sense of optimism that comes with Jupiter may not be that strong either. It may be that optimism will be too dependent on other factors or other people.


Jupiter is still and beneficial energy it does help things to grow and expand. But sometimes, as in the sign of Gemini, that expansion doesn’t have the extra something to help to make it more durable. In Gemini, Jupiter is mixing the energy of the Trickster, as the energy of Mercury, particularly in Gemini where it is the ruler. So there may be issues of trust, it may be that all the information is not there yet? It could be the need to keep things moving even when they are not ready to move forward, could ultimately limit and affect the effectiveness of that Jupiter energy. Think of it this way, Jupiter is about travel, long distance travel. But let’s face it all most people can afford are the local car trips (Mercury).


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