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The Chariot (Upright): this week’s journey!

August 20, 2012

Picking up this week’s card right when I was going through those many things I need to accomplish in the next week or so, helps me to feel that I will be victorious. The Chariot, particularly in that upright position lends itself to ultimately being successful. It is a journey and the Chariot informs us that we will be victorious in our struggles. This is a major arcana card and with that said, the levels of it’s meaning then intensifies. This is a journey and the fact that in life we are indeed on a journey, perhaps in this day and age, several journeys. The Chariot is a reminder that it is a task that can ultimately lead to victory.

But this victory comes with much work and sacrifice. To me this all indicates it is a journey worth-while. That it is leading to success no matter what it feels like in the process. It will be victory. As a major Arcana, this struggling could be going on in many areas of your life. Or perhaps it is one area where the struggle is so great it is affecting all other areas of your life. Again this is a reminder that it will be worth-while.

Today’s card was upright and it is a reminder that no matter what the path is that we are on, it is leading us to something, some victory. In the moment we feel only the struggle, but most struggles are lessons. Hopefully they are lessons well learned and well earned. With the Chariot the lessons and the tasks are well earned.

Had our Chariot been Reverse in it’s draw, the meanings would have been very different. The Chariot is one of the cards that does mean the opposite when Reversed. Our struggles would be in vain. No matter what you do it feels as though you weren’t getting any where and often times you don’t. Chariot Reversed is a struggle where the person being read could feel a sense of loss, a sense of getting no where no matter what you do. It could be one of several cards in a card reading that could be telling the person being read, there is a need to look at what you have started and maybe change the direction? Perhaps a need to direct ones’ energy into a whole other option or opportunity? That the Chariot in Reverse is trying to guide you away from a difficult situation.

So what is the Chariot telling you?

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