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Mars Conjunction to Saturn

August 16, 2012

This is a conjunction that happens once in a while. It can be a difficult transit so we are fortunate not to have to experience it all that often. But as luck would have it we have been experiencing this transit for a couple of days now. It is running about 24-25 degrees of Libra. This is not a bad place for the Saturn. It is exalted here and does well in the sign of Libra, giving balance to this otherwise difficult task master and teacher.

On July 17th of this year, I did a post on Saturn in Libra. There is also an article in the archives, Saturn in Leo! From what we have already discussed about Saturn’s time through the sign of Libra. Now taking that information and adding in the fact that Mars is also playing with Saturn. Mars in an aggressive energy. So it does not do so well in Libra since this is a weaker placement. Mars is ruled by Aries the opposing sign. This might tell us we are going to either not be able to act when that Mars sets in. The energy is either blocked or maybe it is the opposite end, we are being asked to be accountable for our actions. And those actions could be questionable.

The two energies together relate to separations, interruptions or at the very least a separation from work. This can happen if someone is not well or is going through a rough time. Mars again, not in a great place to make any real headway anyway. Some of the astrologers have been working on Fires, in California and in London. No matter where you look fires will cause separations. Actions are predicted by the lesson, or in this case Saturn. So that action is to separate, even if that is the last thing we want.

So how has the Saturn/Mars connection been affecting you?



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