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Knight of Cups Reversed

August 14, 2012

This week the draw of the cards has brought us the Knight of Cups to discuss in this post. This particular Knight is upside down as we bring him to the table.

If we think about the the Knight of Cups and we know this card represents a Karmic relationship. This is someone you are close to. Someone you were meant to spend time with in this lifetime. This can be a parent, sibling, close friend or significant other. There is a connection between the Knight and the person being read.

When it shows up in reverse it is telling us that things with someone close are not going so well. It shows that someone is butting heads with someone close to them. It is not always series but series enough to cause distress in the relationship. This card can come up also when two people have to by circumstance, be separated. It refers also to not necessarily being on the same page with someone close to you.


It is an interesting card to pull for this article, but it makes me think there are those among us who are having a time dealing with someone else in their life. Maybe someone even you, feels closed off from those you are closest to. The sense that you are alone in same way could also fit this energy! How does it speak to you?


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