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This week, Four of Cups in Reverse

August 1, 2012

Today’s pull for the week is an interesting card, particularly in reverse. Here the card is talking about meeting someone who is going to make a significant impression in the life of the person being read. A young man or woman seeking to find that perfect partner would love to see this card in their reading. But honestly, so would anyone who is looking to make some changes in their life. That new contact could be someone who stays for a long time in the life of the person being read, but it can also be someone you run into on the street somewhere for only a few minutes. It is just that in that little bit of time, they may have said something or done something that leaves a lasting impression. It is the idea of being inspired or motivated by someone outside of yourself. This helps to jump-start a pending situation in an individual’s life.

This is ironically one card that is not so great to see in the Right Side Up position. It is referring to a time of boredom. It refers to the fact that our human nature wants for things to happen in our lives faster then they really do. Sure when we find something good, we want it YESTERDAY. But this card reminds us that all things take time and it is better for us if we can remember that when we get impatient.

The reverse is almost an opposite, as you are meeting someone who is going to help spur you forward, the right side up is about being more patient.

Since we picked the card upside down, then it would appear we should all keep our eyes open to the new contacts that might be coming into our life. And how those contacts can help us change other things about life, including how we see it.

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