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Venus in Gemini

July 31, 2012

Been writing a good bit about Saturn, but thought a totally different planet would suffice for today;s post.

As Saturn is a teacher, Venus is said to be the Lover. But Venus is also the idea of worth, so it also speaks of finance. Even the idea of selling, and presentation is the terrain of Venus. Relationships and finances are said to be ruled by Venus in a person’s chart. Another place to look for love and money are the houses ruled by Venus. (2nd & 7th).

So today’s Venus and the Venus of the last month and for maybe another week or two, is in the sign of Gemini. In Gemini the energy is quick and bright. There could be a greater love of discussions. Financially, this could be a time of spending money on Mercury related items. Ironically, so close to “back to school.” So computers, phones and even automobiles can have people’s attentions. Depending on how and even if Venus is aspecting your natal chart will depend on whether or not you will get a good deal and will handle money well or will it be the opposite? A great deal of money being blow!

It is however a great time to write and get into contact with others. The love of sharing information will be strong. Short-distance trips could be a way to spend your holiday, and holiday finances. Venus runs fairly quickly through the signs, so enjoy your love of academia while it’s here. Pick up a love-story~! Spend time with neighbors. No compliment will be wasted.


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