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Neptune in Pisces

July 24, 2012

When dealing with Neptune you are dealing with a planet that is known for being very unclear even mystical or spiritual. But it brings much confusion. Neptune is misty, thus the lack of clarity. But when dealing with clarity there are so many things that must be known and with Neptune we are often dealing with the “unknown.”

The energy of Neptune also gives a sense of compassion, not always directed where it should be. Because in Neptune one is able to be lied to by others, or at the very least taken advantage of. When things are not clear it is easy for others to deceive us. Therefore when someone is going through a Neptune transit it is not something they look forward to. Though once that transit has past, there could be greater clarity then ever before. A clearing of the mist!

Neptune is also affiliated with things such as addictions or addicts. Neptune doesn’t like to always deal with reality. Drugs and alcohol are some of the ways in which one doesn’t have to deal with reality. Neptune energy can make a person more sensitive it can also make them more intuitive, though again predisposed to deception, even deceiving self.

In the sign of Pisces Neptune finds a comfortable home. Neptune is exalted in Pisces, so our ability to be more compassionate is even greater. During the time Neptune spends here world wide there could be more attention paid to spirituality. Not just religion, but those elements that make up religion. I once read in an astrology book that Neptune in Pisces is marking the official end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius. A time when we will hopefully grow more spiritual in our life and how we live life. The ideologies of religion will be on the line. Here again clarity is coming. Much like finding that the bible has been adulterated and 88 missing books being found in the dead sea scrolls. The truth is out there and the light is shining. Truth is upon us, as the light shines on evil. It is going to be increasing harder for those that didn’t play by the rules not to get caught. Cause surely if they are up to something, even if it has been going on for 100 years, they will get caught now!

Personally I look forward to this additional light. It has been too long where those in positions of power have been abusing that power. The time has come where the rest of the world can now see this deception and know it for what it is.

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