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Card for the Week: Knight of Pentacles

July 24, 2012

A young person sits up on a horse holding a pentacle. Today’s draw was in reverse. This can indicate that someone is surprising either the client or it could be the person being read is surprising other people. Maybe someone is not compliant with the protocol? Maybe someone is trying to create a stir? Certainly in the reverse position, someone is doing it their own way. They are not real concerned about what others might think. So for my purposes I will be on the look-out for someone who is going to surprise me. But it is equally likely I am the one who is surprising others.

When reading for others I would often comment, “Someone is learning to say, no.” It is particularly wonderful when it comes up with someone who tends to be a “yes” person and then get taken advantage of.

Needless to say, right side up, someone is doing just what they need to or what is expected in order to make their goals or accomplishments. They will do what is necessary!~


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