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Card of the week “Two of Sword”

July 18, 2012

Since I drew the card reversed I thought I would talk about it as a reversed card first. In reverse this card normally (upright) indicates a situation that is simply put, “the lesser of evils.” In the reverse position it refers to the freeing of oneself from a situation that is the lesser of evils.

This card in this reverse position refers to a situation where one has been freed from something that one wanted to get rid of. So the client or the person who is reading the card is not necessarily the one who makes the decision that ultimately frees the individual. But nonetheless the decision comes down to the client or the one being read will ultimately be free of something that has been literally a pain in the butt.

So though this is not a bad card upright or reverse, it is in the reverse we often prefer to see it. When upright, it indicates it’s a pain in the neck but to not have it is also a pain, so either way you get the sense that it is in the upright position a situation where at the time you are left with what might feel like the lesser of evils.

Since I drew the card today and it can represent what I am going to go through in the next day! Actually, my day started off with my dealing with and letting go of things I can do nothing about!


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