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Saturn in Libra….what does that mean to you?

July 17, 2012

Over the last couple of years Saturn has been in Libra. Saturn the Teacher, and these are very often not easy lessons. Saturn represents so many things, to those who turned 30 in the last year or so all had Saturn returns. Times when added responsibilities can be added or on some level the load that life brings got a bit tougher.

Saturn is in a good place when it comes in Libra. Saturn can be quite the task maker but in Libra you could be working more on finding balance in one’s life. Saturn is not as crewl in it’s delivery in Libra where there is discretion and diplomacy. Being the ruler of the sign of Capricorn, there is the similarity of being in another cardinal sign when it is placed in Libra.

One things this placement of Saturn in Libra brings to mind is money shortages. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, Saturn the task maker and constrictor might limit finances at least for some of us. It might also have some looking at love either making commitments or the opposite separations of situations that are not working is very possible. The lessons of Saturn are for our own good and maturity, marking the need for us all to grow up.

Where ever the sign of Libra falls in your chart, Saturn is transiting there. What can that mean to you, how does that affect that particular area of your life. And do you have anything in the signs of Capricorn? Aries? Libra? Or Cancer? The lessons of Saturn are difficult but it does help mature us. Saturn can also give things, more responsibilities in the name of houses, babies and other gifts!


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