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Today’s Card “Ten of Cups”

July 11, 2012

The Card of the Week: The Ten of Cups

Such a lovely card, everyone dancing in a circle. Surely this is a card that reminds us of celebrations and happiness within a group or family. Events that bring people together, particularly people who are related or have relationship to one another. It represents the group!

In this card there is a great deal of happiness as it can be the culmination of something that has been long in the planning stage. Weddings even high school or college graduations. Receptions of any kind can fall in this category. When this card is present and upright many will be happy.

In the reverse it is not a bad card, but it does indicate many people, (again the group) is waiting for something. Like a group of co-workers waiting on raises that don’t seem to come. A group of single woman who are all waiting for that “right “ man.

When I drew the card today, it was before my significant other was to return home after being away for several days. I had also just spoken with a client who got some good news. In each case there are more then one who is happy by the situation.

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