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July 9, 2012

What are they good for? Several times a year the planets go from a direct motion into a retrograde motion. This backward motion is actually an optical illusion. Planets don’t really go backward, but from the angle we sit and as we stare out to the skies because of the rotation of the Earth in comparison to the speed of the planets the appear to be going backwards. The only planets this is not true of would be the Sun and the Moon they don’t ever appear to go backwards.

Mercury is a fast moving planet and it will appear to go backwards at least three times a year, where the Sun appears to catch up. This action of going backwards can cause some real issues in the area of communication. This is a time when you can most often count on delays and even cancellations. Communication even commutes don’t go the way you expect. Problems seem to plague the Mercury retrograde. This will be true of most of the planets when going backward. We are just more aware of Mercury. Venus too can cause issues with money or spending too much money on something. Venus in retrograde like Mercury in retrograde is not a great time to begin new things.

What you should be doing with the retrograde is re access. It is a time to clean up and clear up older issues. Like taking time to clean closets and drawers. This is the best way to use retrograde energy. When Mercury goes retrograde at 12 degrees of Leo in five days, one has to ask, where is this going to affect me? What area of my life will be affected by the fact that Mercury is going backward? Not all that comes from the retrograde will be bad or frustrating, particularly if we are set up to use that energy well, such as cleaning projects. Instead it might be a very productive retrograde when you can certain aspects of your life in better shape. So it is not bad, it is just time to clean up.

In the case of Venus it might be within a relationship that things need to be cleared up, so not to build up resentment. Same with Mercury time to clean up so you can make room for new projects and ventures in the future.

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