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Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus/Mars Grand Cross

July 3, 2012

Presently the planets are a bit difficult. So it is important for us all to remember that we are not alone in our bad days. Out there in the world someone is surely having it as rough if not rougher then our own experience. Compassion is important now, now just for those who are suffering but for ourselves as well. We need to be kind to ourselves because the planets will not be. Go ahead and pray for the miracles but surely the grand cross between Pluto, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus this month will make the idea of a miracle a bit out of reach. Sudden (Uranus) action (Mars) to expand (Jupiter) can bring unexpected changes (Pluto/Uranus) that can be very transforming (Pluto) and affect us in a way that can be very manipulative and change our very lives. So be careful of impetuous actions, wary of being overly optimistic or biting off more then one can chew. Because things transformations that are going on now have a way of taking complete control of our lives right now.

**So how does the 7-9 degree Cancer/Capricorn/Libra/Aries (Cardinal Signs) points in your chart fare?


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