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Pluto in Cap square Uranus

July 3, 2012

Just wanted to start a post on this Planet.  Well, some would like to downgrade Pluto, but as an astrologer I don’t really care what Pluto is categorized as, the effects remain the same!  Pluto is to me a great reformer, it has a great deal of intensity no matter what you call it. As I get ready to set up for this Post, the Moon is sitting right on top of Pluto.  The idea that the Moon can for several hours be intensified by Pluto, examples of this could be greater emotionally intensity.  In the sign of Capricorn, emotions could be affected by work or career, maybe employer/employee issues.  It may be the fact that the feelings in general are very strong.  Whatever is going on will seem to dominate, maybe making changes in the domestic sphere!


Pluto is going through a series of transits through it’s journey through Capricorn.  One such transit is the Square to Uranus which is presently in the sign of Aries!  This makes a Square to the Capricorn Pluto and right now the Moon.  Uranus is our sense of freedom and it can be exciting and stressful, things happen suddenly when Uranus is involved.  When in Square to Pluto, we can see issues with things such as debt.  How does one’s debt keep them from being free to be who they are?  The need to rebel against such debt will be strong.  Emotionally, with the Moon involved there can be unpredictable events that are related to or affected by Pluto.  Such events can make someone feel more emotional to the point where they can even be “unpredictable”.  So though this Pluto/Uranus Square is going to affect the whole world, and who isn’t having an issue with debt?  Countries going bankrupt?  But it will also affect each individual on some level every time the Moon hits  this Square, and it can do so many times each and every month due to the Moon traveling so  quickly.   Think about what that might meat to you, the individual.  A good question to ask yourself is, “Can I free myself (Uranus) from debt (Pluto).  And if debt is not an issue what is it that you need to free yourself from because it seems to be taking over your life?  Would love to hear your stories!  ~Colleen

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