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Divination Counseling Service

Welcome to the newly revised Website dedicated to the education of Astrology and Tarot, known as the Gold and Silver Keys to empowerment.  Visitors are invited to leave comments send in questions and build on-going chats on the subjects of Tarot or Astrology.   Whether you are an expert or professional in your work with Tarot or Astrology or if you are a complete beginner, it is my hope that you will find a comfortable  place to explore the knowledge of Astrology and or Tarot.  It is the mission of this website to help you along your journey with the Tarot or Astrology, so that you might empower your own life and help to guide others along the way.

The mission of the new site is to be more interactive, allowing visitors to leave  comments but also to provide educational opportunities through on-line classes.  Classes are designed to meet the individual needs of student.  Courses will include paperwork and tests that can be done within generous time frame, giving the student the ability to do things as they can.  On-line classes give the student the opportunity to work more individual one-on-one with both the material and the teacher.  A convenient way to learn two of the tools of self-empowerment.

Learn Tarot & Astrology For Yourself.  You no longer have to depend on others to know and understand the trends of your life.  You can learn it for yourself.  Take the opportunity to learn to read the Tarot for yourself or for others.   Pick up an on-line Astrology Class or an on-line Tarot Class and begin to build the background of your own Astrology/Tarot Knowledge.  The best part is by taking the on-line classes you can do it in your own time and in your own home.  

In addition to all the new functions of the website, the material and pages from the old website have come along.  So please help yourself to the information and learn what you can.  But now you can make comments on what you read.  Let’s create a community!  ENJOY!!!

Divination Counseling Service provides information on astrology, astrological charts and readings, and tarot readings. You can order any of our charts and readings from the Services page, and we encourage you to read our Predictive and General Articles for more information on current and ongoing influences, planets, asteroids, transneptunians, and a variety of related topics.

If you’re new to astrology, you’ll want to read the Astrology page, which provides a good foundation in terms of what astrology is, how it is used, and what sort of information it can provide. If while reading the articles and information on this site you find astrology or tarot-related words or phrases that are new to you, check the Glossary for definitions. Feel free to email us with questions, too.

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