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Welcome to Divination Counseling Service Website:

This site is dedicated to the use and study of Astrology and Tarot. The site is set up to be more educational for anyone interested in going a bit deeper into their astrology studies or to look at a different approach to Tarot use and interpretation. All materials are designed from an educational perspective.

Astrology and Tarot are considered the Gold and Silver keys to empowerment and will help any individual navigate their life’s journey. Whether learning just enough to doing readings and charts for yourself or learning as a life long study to be used professionally, these keys can help you become more conscious of what you are dealing with in life. Astrology in particular can help point out strengths as well as weaknesses allowing us to take greater advantage of our prospects in life.

Astrology Charts or Tarot Readings are available to those who are interested. There is a variety of products offered on the Shop page. The services page also describes those services as well as an article related to the “Health” or Medical work up.

Presently the site is still a work in progress as in the future we are hoping to have interactive chat rooms, office hours as well as on-line and real-time classes.

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